Lifestyle Shots

Georgie finds inspiration and great pleasure in capturing shape and form with her lifestyle shots

Sheep shearer up to his elbows - Gisburn farmers market
Prize Bull on show at Gisburn farmers market
Fish market at Rhodes - Greece
Calf at Gisburn farmers market
After the hunt - Trio brace of rabbit & pheasant
Goats escaping from the sun - Greece
Piglets at feeing time - Southfield Burnley
Waves crashing on the beach in Fuerteventura
Sold! - Gisburn farmers market
Pedigree 'Gotland' ewe with new born lamb
Dough spin - baking bread
Seamus & Northern Red Snapper
Shipwreck - Notfolk broads
Fresh Mackerel fish catch - Co. Donegal
Rhubarb Stalk at Rhubarb farm