Brands & Advertising

Georgie has been shooting packaging, POS and advertising for international and national brands for over 16 years. She has shot packaging for most major supermarkets.

Morrisons - 'Signature' dark chocolate with raspberry
Morrisons - 'The Best' miniature marangues
Naked noodle - Chinese Chow Mein
Morrisons - 'The Best' chocolate confectionary range
liquorice packaging
Pepperoni Pizza
Isabels cuisine gravy granules packaging
packaging for Morrisons Satay stir fry sauce
Asda chicken and ham pie packaging
cheese on toast topped with worster sauce
Symingtons - 'Mug Shot' soup - Broccoli & Stilton
Napolina Tomatoes with water spitz Ingredient shot
Morrisons - 'The Best' coffee packaging range
lemon, chilli, coriander seeds, garlic, mint an cumin seeds.
Morrisons - 'The Best' salted caramel pudding
Morrisons - 'The Best' hand cooked vegatable crisps
tagliatelle packaging
Sumptuous chicken pasties
fresh peaches and plums
bacon an egg butty topped with brown sauce
Morrisons - 'The Best' Dark Chocolate Orange Rice Cakes
pork and herb sausage with friends onions and wholegrain mustard on toasted bread